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SharePoint Add-on Products by PremierPoint Solutions 

SharePoint software that expands, enhances, and streamlines SharePoint’s functionality. Professionally developed, fully integrated and fully supported.

Quality Software Add-ons for SharePoint 2010 and 2013 

What Microsoft left out of their out-of-the-box SharePoint products, our Commercial Software Division put in – and then super-charged it!

Developed in response to the SharePoint dreams of our students and clients, the quality of our award-winning SharePoint add-on software is unsurpassed. The dreams were yours. We merely gave them form and substance. And power, simplicity and elegance.

Take advantage of our free 30-day trial offer on all our software add-on products.

Browse our catalogs or view a specific SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 product.


SharePoint Extranet Collaboration Manager is a total SharePoint extranet solution supplying the critical extranet management functionality that Microsoft did not include in SharePoint out of the box, and simplifying extranet use. Features include registration by email invitation, delegated administration options, and a streamlined extranet user experience.



Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant for SharePoint (SPGA) is like a SharePoint Site vending machine. It automates the creation and configuration of new SharePoint sites, while enforcing pre-configured governance and uniformity, and then dispenses the provisioned sites to users upon request. Pre-provisioned “Site Profiles” for various site types determine each site’s functionality and limitations.


Managed Metadata Term Store Sync (Term Sync) provides the missing link between your business data and your SharePoint taxonomy. Using your external business data to tag items in SharePoint lists and libraries could be very advantageous. SharePoint provides the Business Connectivity Services (BCS) tool to import your external data. But it DOES NOT provide a way to get that imported data into your Managed Metadata Term store where it can be used to tag your SharePoint items. Term Sync provides that missing link. Term Sync keeps your business data and your SharePoint taxonomy “linked and synced!”


Products that make SharePoint more capable, more flexible, more powerful.


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