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SharePoint 2010 Extranet Installation Service 

Hassle-free remote installation, iron-clad security, affordable flat-rate fee.

It’s quick.  It’s painless.  It’s a no-brainer!

SharePoint 2010 

Extranet Collaboration Manager 2010Why set up your extranet yourself when you can have it done by the experts so quickly, effortlessly and inexpensively

Our SharePoint experts have set up hundreds of SharePoint extranets and they’ve got the process down to a science.  Our professional SharePoint extranet installation service offers you many advantages including:

  • Speedy deployment – we can usually have your extranet up and running in under 4 hours
  • Peace of mind – our expertise and experience ensure that everything is configured correctly and no backdoors are left open in your SharePoint environment
  • Learning experience – we can perform the installation ourselves, or let you “drive” with instructions from our consultant who watches your screen
  • Can be recorded – ask the consultant to record the webcast meeting so you can get a WMV file for documentation purposes
  • Easy to budget – the flat rate does not change, even if unexpected questions come up during the installation and make it take longer than anticipated

This service includes up to four hours of remote consulting to set up and configure SharePoint's Forms-Based Authentication (FBA) features and Extranet Collaboration Manager.

The specific tasks our expert consultant will perform include:

1. Install Extranet Collaboration Manager in your SharePoint environment

  • Configure as many front-end web servers (WFEs) as needed
  • Configure a new or existing claims-based authentication web application configured with Windows and Forms-Based Authentication
  • Create the ASPNETDB to store SQL membership information

2. Configure Extranet Collaboration Manager

  • General configuration
  • Create up to three site policies
  • Configure invitation and anonymous registration on a single site
  • Create up to two site sponsors
  • Add 'Forgot My Password' to the login page
  • A one-time administrator walk-through of each feature by a SharePoint Solutions technician

Upon purchasing this service, a member of the SharePoint Solutions team will contact you to arrange details for your engagement.  In most cases, your engagement can be completed within 1-2 weeks of purchase date.

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