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Extranet Collaboration Manager 2010 Key Features 

Extranet Collaboration Manager for SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Foundation 2010

SharePoint 2010 Software Add-ons 

Key Features

Extranet Collaboration Manager for SharePoint 2010 allows you to manage your extranet within SharePoint itself. No separate program or interface to learn!

  Allows the flexibility to designate certain users as Site Sponsors to perform routine administrative tasks like sending invitations, adding accounts, unlocking accounts, managing passwords, granting access, removing access, and more. Bottlenecks and wait times are eliminated.

  Improved control over assignment of administrative responsibilities – may be based on SharePoint Group(s), Membership Role(s), or both.

  Self-service features for extranet users, including password reset, extranet account sign-up, profile updating, etc.

Ability to send invitations to one or more desired extranet users.

  Allows an administrator to send an invitation URL manually when necessary.

  Allows an administrator to simulate an invitation in order to see what the invitee would receive

  Ability to require users to agree with Terms and Conditions before receiving extranet access.

  Ability to automate registration approval process through a SharePoint workflow.

  Improved control of email notifications:
  • Ability to customize notification content with a mail definition defined by an administrator
  • Ability to define signatures for your notification emails
  • Ability to define the “From” address used by each notification email
  • Ability to “turn off” any unwanted notification  

  Ability to choose between SQL, Active Directory, or other membership providers for your extranet user database.

Ability to set up forms-based login for extranet users; simple, familiar, and easy to use.

  Optional custom sign-in page which supports saved accounts, mixed-mode authentication, and the ability to map requests from an IP range to a specific authentication provider.

  Ability to set security policies at the site collection level, at the site level, or based upon email domain.

 Membership management features allow you to:

  • Add and remove extranet accounts
  • Change extranet account passwords
  • Lock extranet accounts based on last password change date or last login date
  • Unlock extranet accounts
  • Approve or deny extranet accounts
  • View extranet account role membership
  • View extranet role account members
  • Add extranet users to extranet roles
  • Add and remove extranet roles

  Allows new extranet users to register for site access.

  Allows existing SharePoint users to register for site access.

Supports invitation registration and anonymous registration for site access.

  Allows requiring email verification during anonymous registration.

  Allows an administrator to manually verify an email address used during a registration.

Optional remote extranet installation service package – our SharePoint extranet experts can have your extranet up and running quickly, securely, and affordably in just a few hours. You can start collaborating with your business partners, clients, and suppliers right away!


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