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SharePoint Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant 2010 Key Features 

SharePoint Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant for SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Foundation 2010

SharePoint 2010 Software Add-ons 

What it is

SharePoint Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant 2010 provides a simple and consistent method (Governance) for creating and configuring (Provisioning) new SharePoint 2010 sites.

Administrators create Request Profiles with all the appropriate settings “baked” in.

Users then select the appropriate Request Profile and fill out a short request form which sets into motion the provisioning process.  Workflows can be used to automate provisioning and approvals.


How it works

The Administrator creates a Provisioning Management site and sets up a Request Profile. The Request Profile contains input fields, an Activity Plan and Workflow Initialization definitions.

  • The input fields determine what questions a user must fill out before making the request.
  • The Activity Plan defines the instructions for creating and configuring new sites.
  • The Workflow Initializations contain instructions for which workflows to launch during a request.

The End User then browses to the Provisioning Management site and is presented with a list of Request Profiles.

  • The user selects the Request Profile appropriate for the site(s) they want to request.
  • The user is presented with a series of questions which are defined by the Request Profile’s input fields.
  • Once each question is answered, the request is submitted and saved to the Provisioning Management site.
  • If a Workflow Initialization is defined, a workflow is started to begin the approval process. If no workflow is defined, the administrator can use the out-of-the-box SharePoint moderation features or not require approval at all.
  • Once the request is approved the Request Processing Job processes the Activity Plan instructions and the new sites are created and configured.
Who needs it

Companies and organizations who regularly need SharePoint 2010 sites provisioned and need an easy way to empower users to create sites while ensuring that the organization’s SharePoint 2010 taxonomy, governance and other standards are adhered to, as well as a way to automate the approval of those sites.  Multiple sites may be created and provisioned through a single request.

Common use cases include:

  • Legal Firms – creating client/matter sites
  • Consulting Firms – creating client/project sites
  • Sales departments of companies – creating sites for clients or campaigns
  • Project teams of companies – creating project sites
  • Hundreds of other uses

Key Features and Benefits
On The Administrator Side:

Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant for SharePoint 2010 allows the administrator to exercise total control over the creation, provisioning, and approval of SharePoint 2010 sites while empowering the users to actually do the work.

 Lifecycle Management – a process-based approach to managing the content Lifecycle, from creation of a site and initial storage of fresh content to the time when it either becomes obsolete or is deleted. Lifecycle identifies when a site has outlived its usefulness or been abandoned and needs to be deactivated. (More Information of Lifecycle Management)

Users get to request the exact sites they want, and administrators get to enforce the taxonomy, governance policies, and look and feel of the sites.

Allows you to easily maintain the integrity of your organization’s SharePoint 2010 taxonomy as new sites are created and provisioned.

Allows you to automatically enforce governance policies as new sites are created and provisioned.

“Bake” exactly what you want into your SharePoint 2010 site Request Profiles.

  • Maintain your organization’s taxonomy and governance
  • Keep your organization’s look and feel consistent throughout
  • Prevent random deviations from company site standards

Provide users with an easy way to request SharePoint sites or groups of sites.

Specify different site request profiles for different sites or groups of sites.

Automate your organization's approval process for requesting new SharePoint sites.

  • Sites are approved and created much more quickly
  • Custom workflows can automate the approval of requested sites
  • IT’s workload is reduced; and bottlenecks are eliminated
  • No more wondering if company standards are being adhered to

Monitor and track site requests.

Provisioning Management Site – a central location for administrators to create SharePoint 2010 site Request Profiles, Activity Plans, and Workflow Initiations, and for users to submit site requests.

Request Profiles – each Request Profile contains input fields, Activity Plan and Workflow Initializations definitions.

Input field types in Request Profiles include Cascading fields like Site Collection Picker, Site Picker and List Picker. You can think of the cascading fields like two State/City drop-down lists. When  the State is selected, the City drop-down list is updated to contain only the cities in that state. The other new field is the policy field which can require a user to accept a service contact and/or terms and conditions during a request.

Activity Plan – defines the instructions for creating and configuring new sites.  An Activity Plan is a workflow-like set of instructions, which define how new sites get provisioned. It is dynamic and allows conditional activities to be executed. This conditional logic allows an Activity Plan to perform different activities based on the input provided. An Activity Plan can also create more than one site per request.

Workflow Initializations – A set of rules which define which workflow to begin. SPGA supports both the pre-defined workflows and declarative workflows (built with SharePoint Designer).

On The User Side:

A user can easily request new sites from the Provisioning Management Site by simply answering a few questions.

Long wait times for site creation and approval are eliminated.

Submitting a SharePoint 2010 site request based on a particular Request Profile, by simply answering a few questions, sets into motion the site approval workflow, and upon completion of approval, the Activity Plan which automatically and uniformly creates the site(s).

Empowering the users in this way gives them a sense of freedom and affirmation, while the predefined “boundaries” of the Request Profile protect the taxonomy and governance policies of the organization.

The users are happy because their requests are being handled quickly and efficiently. The administrators are happy because order is maintained and chaos is eliminated.


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