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SharePoint Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant 2010 Screenshots 

SharePoint Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant 2010 for SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Foundation 2010 (WSS 4.0)

SharePoint 2010 Software Add-ons 

The Administrator Interface (click on image for larger view)
Creating the Site Request Profile
The administrator creates a site request profile for each type of site users will be allowed to request.  The site request profile enables the administrator to establish standards and policies for site features, site membership, site location and many other site characteristics.  This allows the organization to better govern the creation and usage of SharePoint sites.
 SPGA Site Settings
The administrator creates input fields for the site request form which the user will fill out when requesting a site.  The input field names and data types can be specified by the administrator and provide a convenient way to capture useful site metadata at the time the request is made.
The administrator selects one or more pre-defined activity types from a list of over 20.  Activity types are workflow activities that need to be performed as part of provisioning the new site.  Examples are adding users to groups, activating features on the site, creating a new site collection to contain the site, and many more.
The administrator establishes the specific list of activities which are to be used in the creation and provisioning of the newly requested site.
Using the Activity Editor, the administrator defines the necessary input and output values for each activity in the activity plan.
This results in a list of standardized site request profiles from which the user can choose.
The User Interface  
Requesting a Site
The user visits the Site Provisioning website and from the list of available profiles, chooses the type of site she wants to request, and clicks on Make Request.
The user is then prompted to fill out the site request form to complete the request.
The request is queued, approval process is activated, and activity plan is set in motion. Once the request is approved, the site is created and the requested resources are provisioned. The administrator can then see the execution result of each step in the activity plan and the user is notified that the site has been created and is ready for use.
The user receives an email once their site has been approved.
The user receives an email once their site has been provisioned.

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