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SharePoint Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant (SPGA) 

FREE: Every site, every time, provisioned just the way you want it – generated on demand, uniformly and automatically, according to your SharePoint approval and governance policies!



SPGA Free Webinar

Automated self-service site creation is here.
Governance and uniformity automatically enforced.

And it’s absolutely FREE!  


SharePoint Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant for SharePoint (SPGA) is an automated SharePoint self-service site creation tool. It enables end users to submit requests for sites or site collections and administrators to automate the site creation process, so that site after site is created and configured uniformly and automatically, and only according to your SharePoint governance policies.

Uniformity, governance, and company standards are strictly enforced automatically. Administrators just "set it and forget it."

Users then initiate the self-service process by requesting the type of site collection or site they need, and the site is then approved, created, and provisioned for them automatically – like a SharePoint Site vending machine! Self-service site creation within the limits of your established governance plan.

And best of all, our new FREE Edition of SPGA allows you to create as many sites as you like – absolutely free!

SPGA enables administrators to:

  • Create pre-configured Site Request Profiles for different types of sites
  • “Bake” exactly what you want into each SharePoint site request profile in advance
    • Provide users with just the functionality they need for each site
    • Prevent random deviations from company site standards
    • Protect the integrity of your organization’s SharePoint hierarchy and taxonomy
    • Enforce governance policies, security settings, and other stipulations
  • Provide users with a self-service portal for requesting new SharePoint site collections or sites
  • Automate your organization's approval process for requesting new SharePoint sites
    • A user initiates the site creation process by requesting a new site based on a particular Site Request Profile
    • Sites are approved and created automatically through workflows
    • IT’s workload is reduced; bottlenecks are eliminated
    • No more wondering if company standards are being adhered to
    • Users have access to their new sites much more quickly
  • Monitor and track site requests

SPGA for SharePoint is a SharePoint self-service site creation vending machine, a governance tool, and a HUGE time and money saver! It gives both users and administrators a lot to be happy about.

Plante Moran saved more than $260,000 by using SPGA

Users are empowered to request sites, and happy because their new sites are approved and created in a timely manner.

Administrators are de-stressed and happy because order is maintained, chaos eliminated, and their workload reduced.

If site creation backlog is your problem…
                                                       SPGA is your solution!

Learn about the new SPGA FREE edition..


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