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Case Studies 

We have a long record of successful SharePoint and Office 365 consulting engagements.  Read about some of them here.
SharePoint Consulting 

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We have a rich history of successful SharePoint consulting engagements since 2003.  Please take a minute to read about some of the solutions we have helped our clients implement:

Portal Design and Implementation for Healthcare Company

This healthcare company specializes in revenue-cycle management and clinical communications solutions between payers, providers and patients.  The company was formed over time through a series of mergers and acquisitions and had come to realize that it had an urgent need for a new, company-wide Intranet for communicating company information to a geographically dispersed employee base.

PremierPoint Solutions provided expert consulting to this company to ensure that the design of the new portal met its business requirements and used the native capabilities of SharePoint to the fullest extent possible.  Download a copy of the full case study to learn more.


Highly Customized, Flexible SharePoint Training for Worldwide Pharmaceutical Company

This multi-national manufacturer of vaccines needed basic SharePoint instruction for a diverse group new to SharePoint technology. They wanted live training in their own SharePoint environment, focused on real-world problems and applications, rather than training from a set curriculum. They needed a SharePoint expert who could communicate SharePoint basics in terms their diverse group could all understand.

PremierPoint Solutions provided flexible web-based consulting/instruction with different members of the team. Those with a technical background received instruction appropriate to their level of understanding. Non-technical people never found themselves “in over their head”. Using the concepts presented by our consultant, the team was able to come up with satisfying solutions, practice under his tutelage, and get their questions answered. The consultancy became for them a “living tool”, as one executive put it.  Download a copy of the full case study to learn more.


SharePoint Workflow and InfoPath Form Application Development for Major Oil Company

This major U.S. petroleum company needed a new application to support a critical pipeline inspection business process.  The existing application was heavily dependent on paper forms, fax machines and manual data entry. 

PremierPoint Solutions teamed with IT personnel at the client to develop an InfoPath form application that could be used on tablet notebooks out in the field by inspection personnel.  After the inspection was completed the inspector could connect to the corporate network and automatically upload the completed inspection forms to a SharePoint site.  Custom SharePoint workflows were developed with SharePoint Designer to take the completed forms and route them through the appropriate business process and post data to line of business databases.


Server Farm Infrastructure Design and Deployment for Large Community College

This 13,000 student community college needed to replace an existing static intranet site with a dynamic content-driven site leveraging the web content management features in SharePoint.  The goal was to make it easy for subject matter experts to make edits to pages in their own areas.  In addition, the college needed to provide new areas for true collaboration among faculty, volunteers, and committee appointees.  Forms Based Authentication was needed to simplify and standardize the login process for users, while providing self-service account management to all users.

PremierPoint Solutions provided guidance and hands-on assistance to the university through all phases of the project, including:  planning the data taxonomy for both collaborative and informational needs, defining a governance plan for administrators and users, planning high-availability storage with a SAN-connected SQL cluster, performing the farm installation, configuring enterprise search, migrating existing sites from disparate beta environments into the production portal, converting current email-based communications into a streamlined SharePoint solution, and implementing our fully-supported add-in tool for extranet management.


Extranet Deployment for national Professional Association

This large national professional association needed to streamline the process of providing secure Extranet access to SharePoint collaboration sites for more than a thousand external partners.  The association depends on a portion of its membership to help shape the agenda of the association and promote the benefits of the association. Ongoing collaboration between the association's 750 personnel and key members is critical to the mission of the association.  Unfortunately, out-of-the-box, SharePoint does not provide robust features to make the process of collaborating with external partners secure, easy to setup and maintain.

PremierPoint Solutions assisted this association by providing a complete solution including our award-winning add-on, Extranet Collaboration Manager for SharePoint, implementation services and best practices.  Download a copy of the full case study to learn more.


Site Design and Custom Branding Project for Major California Bank

The overseas Chairman for this California bank wanted a highly customized SharePoint site to use to communicate important messages to company employees.

PremierPoint Solutions developed custom branding for this high-profile site and designed libraries and content types that would allow the Chairman's assistants to easily and consistently publish communications to the company.


Intranet Design and Deployment for Medium-sized Construction Company

This 300-person commercial construction company needed a new company-wide Intranet to facilitate knowledge-sharing and communication on large, multi-year commercial building projects.

PremierPoint Solutions assisted the company from inception through conversion on this project.  The company had multiple locations that previously had to share information by using VPN connections and standard file shares on central servers.  Replacing this slow and frustrating technology with SharePoint sites and document libraries provide tremendous productivity benefits to the company.


Portal Design and Implementation for Large University

This large state university needed to design and deploy a SharePoint-based Portal for its 20,000 students.  The goal of the portal was to provide a single web site for the students to go to and find a directory of all university departments and services.  Also, the portal provided the presentation interface to each student's records in the SAP Campus Management System.  Finally, a custom template and design was developed so that each student could have their own "My Site" in SharePoint.

PremierPoint Solutions provided a multi-disciplined team of consultants to assist the university with all phases of the project from inception to conversion and follow-up.

Portal Design and Implementation for Major Non-Profit Organization

This large non-profit organization has been tasked with "reinventing" the public school system in the State of Ohio.  The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has partially funded some of the initiatives of this organization.  One initiative is to create "community" among high school teachers in the state.

PremierPoint Solutions assisted this organization to design and deploy a customized version of SharePoint to provide a web-based community for the teachers.  The site has numerous features to facilitate knowledge sharing and peer support among the members of the community.  Also, custom integration was developed so that the site could use the popular discussion forums provided by Community Server.



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