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 Zero to SharePoint Portal in 20 Days 

We'll Build Your New SharePoint Intranet in 20 Business Days!

Fixed Fee: $39,995 

Zero to Portal in 20 Days 

There is no denying the fact that the complexity of SharePoint can be intimidating. At the beginning it may seem that building your company portal will be a huge project lasting many months, involving dozens of people and costing well over $100,000.  If you are a small organization, or a department of a larger enterprise, this is not necessarily the case!

The way SharePoint can be deployed on-premises in 20 business days is through a partnership between your organization and PremierPoint Solutions' consultants who have years of experience designing, implementing and teaching SharePoint. 

We are fast, because there is no guesswork for us when it comes to the functionality of SharePoint.  If you, as our client, can be fast and efficient in your decision-making and adherence to project scope, we can accomplish amazing things as a team!

So, what we offer is a dynamic partnership with you and a small team of your technical and business colleagues for just twenty business days to produce a solid SharePoint portal\intranet foundation, ready for beta test or even production rollout to your early adapters. Give us a clean server platform, select your team to work with us, and together - in just 20 business days - we'll deliver the business intranet communication, collaboration, and productivity benefits SharePoint  provides.

Our Zero to SharePoint Portal in 20 Days service package includes:

  • Single SharePoint server farm installation, setup, and configuration
  • Basic portal taxonomy, navigation, and corporate branding
  • Business process workflows, alerts, and Outlook integration
  • Basic training for technical staff and business super users
  • Fixed price – we pay all of our travel, living, and incidental expenses
  • Up to four hours of follow-up web consultation support – no charge ($1,000 value)

What will it cost you? $39,995 total cost (fixed price).

What's the catch? None! This is the cost-effective, high-yield ROI SharePoint professional services package you’ve been waiting for! Some constraints are necessary to ensure project success, of course:

  • "Clean server platform" - single-server SharePoint farm with network integration to Active Directory and SQL Server. Other prerequisites may apply, based on your infrastructure configuration. These will be identified prior to or at the outset of the engagement. 
  • Project scope does not include customized site templates, web parts, workflows, reporting, or other customization beyond what is needed for basic corporate branding.  
  • Training is limited to a total of three days for one or two groups of up to 24 students combined, covering basic concepts and practices of SharePoint central administration, site collection ownership and administration, permissions and security, and core and advanced features for site owners, content managers and contributors, and general use. Customer will provide training location and facilities to accommodate instructor presentations and hands-on student workstation exercises.
  • $39,995 fixed price covers our services and expenses only – hardware, SharePoint software, licenses, or related OEM fees, services, products, agreements, etc. are not included. 

Ready to start? Submit a consulting request form, or call us at 615-515-0210 (Option 4).   Let's build it - and build it right - together!

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