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 SharePoint Consulting 

Full-service SharePoint On-Premises and Office 365 consulting

Contact us now for SharePoint Consulting services:
615-515-0210 opt. 4 or submit a request! 

SharePoint and Office 365 Consulting 

We understand that every organization has its own unique needs and may be at different stages in the process of SharePoint On-Premises or Office 365 adoption.  This is why we have designed various consulting offerings that address specific situations and needs.  We also have the flexibility to work with you to scope custom consulting engagements per your unique requirements.

Please read on to learn more about three of our most popular offerings:

SharePoint and Office 365 Web Consultations  

SharePoint web-based consultation

Expert SharePoint and Office 365 Help – Fast, Focused, and Cost-Effective

Are you:

  • Baffled by the complexity of SharePoint\Office 365 features?
  • Stuck trying to solve a critical SharePoint\Office 365 problem?
  • Seeking expert guidance in SharePoint\Office 365 strategy and brainstorming?

Our Web Consultation may be just what you need! Spend an hour or two (or as many as you need) in an online teleconference and interactive web session (GotoMeeting) with one of our SharePoint experts. We will clarify and simplify SharePoint\Office 365 features and architecture, help solve that frustrating problem with your SharePoint On-Premises system, or just guide you in strategizing and brainstorming about how to get the most value from your SharePoint investment!

Web Consultation: Starting at $180/hour with one of our experts (get started)

Focused On-Site Engagements

Need more SharePoint expertise, up close and personal? On-site SharePoint consulting

For example:

  • Optimizing your site collection’s taxonomy and navigation
  • Getting the most out of search, workflows, alerts, and Outlook integration
  • Reporting the right information the right way at the right time to the right people

Our Focused On-Site Engagement will provide a SharePoint expert consultant at your location to help plan your SharePoint deployment, assess your current system configuration, troubleshoot problems you may be having, leverage SharePoint’s reporting, automation, and integration features, or address any other SharePoint-specific needs you may have. You pay a fixed price, we pay the expenses, you get the value.

Starting at $5,995 for 3-Day Focused Engagement with services delivered at your location (get started)

Zero to SharePoint Portal in 20 Days

SharePoint Portal Solution in 20 Days

Ready to build your SharePoint On-Premises intranet solution in a month?   

Designed for small and medium organizations that are just getting started with SharePoint - we’ll get you there in 20 business days! Together we’ll deliver the business intranet communication, collaboration, and productivity benefits SharePoint provides. Our service package includes:

  • Single-server SharePoint On-Premises implementation
  • Taxonomy, navigation, and branding 
  • Workflows, alerts, and Outlook integration 
  • Training for technical staff and super-users 
  • $39,995 fixed price includes all expenses and follow-on support

One key to ongoing success with SharePoint is getting your initial basic portal framework done - and done right!

Partner with us to build your SharePoint intranet solution framework in just 20 days. This is the cost-effective, high-yield ROI SharePoint professional services package you’ve been looking for! [Learn more]

Zero to Portal in 20 Days: $39,995 total cost (fees, expenses, and follow-on support) (get started)



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