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This FREE, one-hour live webinar will introduce you to the issues and best practices of deploying SharePoint 2007 on the Extranet for use in collaborating with business partners such as customers and vendors.

SharePoint 2007 has become the premier collaboration platform in business today.  All sizes of organizations in all industries are using the product to foster better teamwork and communication between internal team members.  But, deployment of SharePoint on the Extranet for collaboration with external business partners is not nearly as common (but, it IS equally important).  Why is that?  This webinar will explain the key issues and give you the information you need to understand how it can be done more easily and economically than you might imagine.

Come "sample our merchandise" and get introduced to deploying SharePoint 2007 on the Extranet!

This webinar is primarily targeted at IT Professionals, although business users will benefit from some of the information presented as well. The discussion will cover a number of technical issues including, forms-based authentication, authentication providers and SharePoint authentication zones.  However, it also includes a functional demonstration of a Customer Extranet solution.

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Upcoming Classes

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