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 Training FAQ 


SharePoint Training FAQ 


Is it true that I have to bring my own laptop computer to class in order to take a PremierPoint Solutions training class?
Currently, if you are attending a PremierPoint Solutions training class you must bring a qualifying laptop computer to class. Your laptop will connect across the Internet to our virtual server environment, where you will have your own fully functional SharePoint environment to do your lab exercises. Click here to make sure your laptop qualifies.
Is there an instructor present at every PremierPoint Solutions training class?
Yes. Our classes are live and instructor-led. We do not use recorded lecture or demo in our classes.
Can PremierPoint Solutions provide private onsite training at my company’s training center?
Yes.  PremierPoint Solutions can provide the same high-quality expert instructor-led training that we offer in our public classes to your company privately at your organization's training facility. Click here to find out more.  We can also train your group live over the Internet through our Private Online Training option. Click here to find out more.
Does PremierPoint Solutions offer online training classes?
PremierPoint Solutions training may be delivered in either of three ways:
  • In person, at our Nashville, TN training location
  • Live Online, where you connect to a class at one of our locations over the Internet
  • Online Self-Paced, where you train at your desk at your own pace

The Live Online option is live participation, over the Internet, in a classroom-based class. You receive the same materials as the in-person students, perform the same lab exercises in the same way, see and hear the instructor, hear the other students, and interact with the class.

The Online Self-Paced training gives you the lecture and demo facets of the course through recorded video, but does not include the printed materials, the scripted hands-on lab exercises, or any kind of interaction with a live instructor. For this reason it is significantly less expensive.

What is the dress code for PremierPoint Solutions classes?
We suggest “business casual” as a guideline for dress in our classes.  But, really, whatever you’re comfortable wearing, as long as it’s not overly distracting, is fine.  We just want you comfortable and ready to learn.
What forms of payment do you accept for your classes?
We accept credit card, company check, and purchase order for payment.
Does PremierPoint Solutions accept Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers in payment for classes?
No we don’t.  Microsoft will only allow companies who teach Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) to accept their vouchers.  We do not teach any MOC courses.  All of our courses are written by our own SharePoint experts out of their own experience and expertise.  Click here to see what makes our courses better.
Is my hotel lodging included in the price?
Hotel lodging is NOT included in the price of our training packages. Each student is responsible for making his/her own lodging arrangements. 
At certain of our training locations, we have arranged with certain local hotels to provide discounts to our students.  Click on the particular class on our Training Class Schedule/Registration page to see the hotel options listed for your particular class.
Are my meals included in the price?
No. Meals are not included in the price.
In order to plan my travel, I need to know when the classes start and end. What are the class hours?

Classes start at 8:30 a.m. Central Time and finish around 4:30 p.m.

Are the classes held at a PremierPoint Solutions training center?
In Nashville, TN, PremierPoint Solutions has a dedicated training center where our classes are held.
Where can I get more information about the training venues where your classes take place?
On our Class Schedule/Registration page, you can click on the name of the city where any particular class is offered.  This will take you to a page full of details about the particular location of that class.  The locations are class-specific.  Multiple locations in a city may be used at different times.
I like to combine business with pleasure. Is there a certain place I can look for things to do in the cities where you train?
Yes.  Click here to go to our Training Locations page and you’ll find helpful information on the cities where we train.
I know I’ll have some questions. Will I be able to ask them in class?
Our instructors encourage questions and class participation.  Some questions can be answered in class.  Questions that may be of less relevance to the class as a whole may be answered one-on-one with the instructors after class or at lunch.  Still other questions may be posted to our SharePoint Help Community, to which all of our students have access, where both instructors and other students may post responses.  One of the added benefits of taking your training from SharePoint Solutions is the opportunity to pick the brains of the instructors – SharePoint experts with lots of real-world experience and seasoned expertise.
How do I decide which course is right for me?
Our "Courses" page is a good place to start.  Click on any course link on the page to view the course outline and details.  You may also discuss your training needs with a course advisor.  Call 615-515-0210 ext 2, or email your questions to  We’ll help you select the course that is the best fit for you.
Can your company provide some references I could contact about your training?
We feel it would be quite an imposition to ask former students to make themselves available to field questions about our training.  Who would want that kind of random interruption throughout their day?  But we have long felt that the best barometer of the quality and effectiveness of a training class is the immediate anonymous feedback of our students upon completing the course.  Click here to read the comments of recent attendees and to see some of the organizations who trust us for their SharePoint training.  We are happy to provide a list of comments on any of our courses upon request.
What is your cancellation policy?
Any cancellations up to 30 days before the start of the course will be charged $300. Cancellations within 30 days of the start of the course will be charged $700. Refunds will be sent no later than 30 days after the scheduled course start date.
Do you offer any discounts or special pricing?
Yes, indeed! Details on the prices can be found at the bottom of each course page in the "Pricing" section.
PLEASE NOTE:  Special prices are only available on 3- or 4-day classes.  Two-day classes are one standard price. We cannot offer special pricing on classes offered through our partnership with ASPE.

For our 3- or 4-day classes, we offer special pricing to the following:
  • Government/Military - Employees of government entities at the federal, state and local level. To receive the special pricing, please use the promo code GOVT during registration.
  • Academic - Employees of universities, colleges, secondary schools, primary schools and school districts. To receive the special pricing, please use the promo code ACAD during registration.
  • Non-Profit - Employees of non-profit organizations. To receive the special pricing, please use the promo code NONP during registration.

    We also offer a special price to:
  • Groups - Employees of for-profit organizations that send two (2) or more students to a class. To receive the special pricing, please use the promo code GROUP during registration.
  • Returning Students - Any student who has previously taken a class from us. To receive the special pricing, please use the promo code RETSTUD during registration. 

    To inquire about eligibility, please call 615-515-0210 ext 2.
  • Do any of your courses count towards Microsoft SharePoint certifications?
    Microsoft certifications are actually awarded upon successful completion of certification exams, not upon completion of any certain courses. Our courses are designed to help people use SharePoint technologies to their greatest advantage. While they are not designed specifically to help you pass certification exams, the information contained in our courses may be helpful to the business person and the certification seeker alike.
    I need some kind of proof that I attended the class, so I can submit it to my company. Do you provide a Certificate of Completion?
    Upon successful completion of any PremierPoint Solutions training class, we are happy to provide, upon request, a Certificate of Completion by email.

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