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 Self-Paced Online SharePoint Training FAQ 


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What are the minimum computer requirements for taking the Self-Paced Online SharePoint Training?

  • An Internet connection
  • Speakers, headset, or ear buds for audio
  • Web browser:
    • Internet Explorer 7+
    • Firefox 2+
    • Safari on Mac 1.2+
  • Adobe Flash Player 9+
  • Javascript and third-party cookies must be enabled
  • While not a requirement, the class is best viewed using a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768

How does the Self-Paced Online model differ from the live classroom experience?

The Self-Paced Online option is a lot like auditing a college course: you will see SharePoint’s features explained and demonstrated by a skilled instructor in a recorded presentation, but you will not have the printed course manual, the hands-on lab experience, or the assistance of a live instructor. The course content is the same as the lecture and demo content of the classroom-based Introduction to SharePoint 2010 – Using SharePoint Foundation 2010 course (for the 2010 version) or the Using SharePoint 2013 or Office 365 SharePoint - Part 1 course (for the 2013 version).

Why is the Self-Paced Online SharePoint Training so much less expensive than the live classroom-based training?

Because the training is pre-recorded and delivered online, we don’t have the expense of a live instructor, the rental of a training facility, the printing of course manuals, the lunches we provide, etc. So we’re able to deliver the training at a fraction of the cost of a live class.

What are the advantages to me of the Self-Paced Online SharePoint Training option?

Primarily affordability and convenience. Because no travel is involved, you can take the Self-Paced online training at your desk, and at a fraction of the cost of a live class.

Is there a downside to taking the Self-Paced Online SharePoint Training instead of live classroom training?

Yes. In our live SharePoint classes, we strive to impart workplace-ready SharePoint skills through a combination of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on lab exercises in a realistic virtual SharePoint environment. The live classes include a comprehensive course manual several hundred pages in length with screen shots and step-by-step instructions. A live instructor is present in the class, so you can ask questions and learn from his/her real-world SharePoint experience.

On the other hand, in the Self-Paced Online SharePoint Training model, out of all that is described above, you get the demonstration of the use of the product combined with the core lecture content. So we are striving to impart a solid understanding of SharePoint, rather than workplace-ready skills, through the online model.

Does the Self-Paced Online SharePoint Training provide a way for me to ask questions?

No. But you can ask questions in our SharePoint 2010 Help and How To forum  or our SharePoint 2013 Help and How To forum if you like. These forums are monitored by our instructors and other knowledgeable SharePoint enthusiasts.

What forms of payment do you accept for the Online Self-Paced Training?

You can pay through PayPal or using VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover cards.

Do I receive any kind of certification upon completion of the Self-Paced Online class?

Upon successful completion of the Self-Paced Online class, each student receives a Certificate of Completion for the course. We do not offer any other kind of certification.

What is the price of the Self-Paced Online class?

The price is $399.

What if I take the Self-Paced Online SharePoint Training, and then decide I want to take the classroom-based course?

If you take the Self-Paced Online class and subsequently choose to take the full classroom-based course, you may use your Certificate of Completion for this course to receive $399 off the purchase price of our live 2-day Introduction to SharePoint Foundation class or 4-day Introduction to SharePoint Server 2010 class (if you take the 2010 version) or our 2-day Using SharePoint 2013 or Office 365 SharePoint - Part 1 or 4-day Using SharePoint 2013 or Office 365 SharePoint - Parts 1 and 2 classes! In essence, you get your money back on the online course when you take the classroom-based course.

Can I get a DVD of the course?

No. The class is only accessible online. You have access to the modules for a full 30 days.

Can I license this course to use in our company's LMS system?

This course is created in a SCORM-compliant format which can be imported into most LMS systems. Please contact us if you’re interested in corporate licensing.

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