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 Training Computer Connection Test 




We’ve devised an easy way to ensure that your computer is prepared for your SharePoint training class.  The test will verify that your computer is able to connect across the Internet to our SharePoint virtual servers, on which students will do their lab exercises.

Download the Zip file, “Connection Test.”  Extract the file, and follow the instructions in the PDF document.

  •  Public Class Test – If you are testing a laptop computer that you will be bringing to one of our training locations, we strongly suggest doing your test at a neutral hotspot, like a Starbucks, for example – someplace away from your work environment.
  • Onsite Class Test – If you are testing a workstation at an onsite training location in preparation for a private onsite class, please do so from the training room that will actually be used for the class.

If the test is successful, nothing more is needed.  Your computer is ready to go.

If the test is not successful, please review the minimum computer requirements, and make sure that your computer is compliant.  Then repeat the test.




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