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 Why Choose Us? 

Our students consider our SharePoint training classes vastly superior to any other SharePoint training currently available in the marketplace.  Here's why:

SharePoint Training 

Our Students tell us that they prefer our SharePoint training classes to the training of other companies whose SharePoint courses they have attended.  Here are the reasons they most frequently cite:

  1. The personal touch.  We want you to enjoy and appreciate not just the content of your class, but the whole class experience.  We want you to feel cared about and appreciated.  We strive to make learning fun and the classroom experience engaging.  We’ve always found that people learn best in a comfortable, informal learning environment that fosters participation.
  2. Business focus.  In any of our SharePoint training classes, you’ll use SharePoint to solve real-world business problems – experience SharePoint’s benefits and advantages.  Our goal is to help our students, and the organizations that send them, get the most out of this powerful, multifaceted tool.
  3. Taught by consultants, not trainers.  Every one of our SharePoint training courses is written by, and taught by, an expert SharePoint consultant involved in real-world SharePoint consulting projects – who also happens to be a master communicator. Our SharePoint training class instructors write and teach the courses from their life experience and expertise.  And they are adept at making complex concepts understandable and digestible – using plain English, not “geek-speak.”  You’ll find them helpful and approachable.
  4. Superior Training Materials.  Each SharePoint training class we offer includes a comprehensive training course manual.  Often 500-600 pages, each manual contains a distillation of the lecture content, all the PowerPoint slides, and the scripted hands-on lab exercises that allow you to experience firsthand everything you’re learning.  Our students keep their manuals on their desks as a handy resource, and turn to them again and again.
  5. Skills, not just information.  You’ll come away from our training with workplace-ready skills:  SharePoint competency, not simply more information to store.  That’s why fully two thirds of the course content is comprised of scripted hands-on lab exercises which walk you click-by-click through real-world SharePoint scenarios.  This experience is readily transferable to your work environment.
  6. More than SharePoint training: SharePoint Solutions!  Your SharePoint training class is just the beginning of an ongoing relationship.  Chances are, you’re going to need more than just SharePoint training at some point.  So our SharePoint Consulting division and our SharePoint Software division are available to help you with services and products to solve your SharePoint problems – help whenever you need it!

We could go on and on about the quality of our SharePoint classes, our instructors, our materials, etc.  But everybody makes those claims.  We feel the items mentioned above really set us apart, and we’re confident that you’ll agree.

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